Your wellness directly relates to your quality of life: the more attention you pay to your health and happiness, the higher your quality of life becomes. In comparison, when neglected, your perceptual, emotional, behavioral, physical, and relational well-being suffer. This affects your ability to function and causes you to attract negative experiences—this is an extremely damaging and dangerous cycle. Think about it: when we’re healthier and mentally stable, we’re able to cultivate curiosity, solve complex problems and let go of negative or hurtful feelings—all skills that are needed to manage stress, emotions, and reactions.

By focusing on your wellness during our counselling sessions, you develop resilience, enhance your coping techniques, manage stress, and learn to engage in healthier behaviors. These habits improve your mental and physical health which reduces risk factors that contribute to unhealthy living.

Using positive psychology, self-compassion therapy, and acceptance commitment therapy approaches, our goal is to develop a happier, more meaningful life. During your health & wellness sessions, we focus on enhancing self-care for a healthier lifestyle and more active social wellness. We focus on self-esteem, confidence, assertiveness, boundaries, and communication skills in order to create more positive interactions with those around you.


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