Emma Drebit, MSc, R.Psych
Emma Drebit, MSc, Registered Psychologist

Hello, I’m Emma Drebit. For 20 years I’ve supported individuals, couples, and families with a variety of mental health and psychosocial conditions. I’ve worked in a variety of environments, including community agencies, mental health clinics, and in an academic setting at the University of Alberta.

I mainly work with adults in the areas of personal and relational issues, such as depression, anxiety & stress management, grief or loss, and emotional well-being. I have a particular passion for helping with most types of relationship issues, especially couples & marital therapy.

During our sessions, we’ll explore any difficult experiences you’re struggling with. This helps us both to develop more awareness and insight, draw out your strengths, and plan strategies to foster change and meaningful connections in your life. My approach is collaborative and respectful and it incorporates a variety of therapeutic approaches to help you work through your issues.

My Beliefs

All of our life experiences contribute to our growth and wisdom. These experiences impact us and our relationships on mental, emotional, and physical levels. Counselling and therapy can help you resolve personal and relational issues before they further impact your health and wellness.

I offer psychological counselling services to adults, couples, and families in a supportive environment that allows for safe exploration of concerns and of change processes that enhance awareness, balance, and healthier relationships. Because I believe everyone’s situation is unique, I incorporate a systemic perspective to explore and better understand how your issues have developed and how they impact the relationships in your life.

Individual Therapy

We work collaboratively to develop the necessary skills to manage stress, emotions, reactions, and build resilience. Together, we focus on promoting mental health and wellness and living a more meaningful life. My approach draws upon several treatment methods to facilitate change, including cognitive behavioral therapy, emotional-focused therapy (EFT), acceptance commitment therapy, mindfulness-based strategies, and solution-focused therapy.

Couples Therapy

Relationships are unique, complex, and vulnerable to emotional injuries. They can also be affected by life changes, such as loss, employment transitions, which can impact your relationship with your partner. Emotional injuries and life circumstances affect communication, trust, intimacy, and security within the relationship and can lead to unresolved issues. In couples counselling we focus on strengthening these areas by addressing unhelpful, negative dynamics and creating supportive interactions that help you meet your relationship’s needs.

Family Therapy

Families experience conflict—especially during life and family changes. In family counselling, we explore conversations that allow your family’s thoughts and feelings to be shared and understood by all. We highlight unhelpful family dynamics to uncover the root of your family’s issues. We build on your family’s strengths to work through issues, support one another, work together as a team, and contribute to positive interactions. We also focus on enhancing family relationships that may have become negatively impacted over time by chronic conflict, such as trust, boundaries, communication, conflict resolution, step/blended families, and parenting.

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